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Top notch Freight Broker & Freight Agent training, that is affordable and immediately available! Provide step-by-step assistance for becoming a successful Freight Broker or an elite Freight Agent. Develop good habits early in your career so that you have the skills  to be self-sufficient


The Need for Freight Broker/Agent Training

Formal Education is not required to be an expert in logistics and supply chain management, but some amount of time spent learning is unavoidable! An accounting degree might be useful to you in addition to this. Every Freight Broker and Freight Agent has received training at some point, either on the job from a supervisor, through a training school, or via the school of hard knocks. Start by learning the ins and outs of the shipping industry. You will need to know what you’re talking about in order to book a load with a shipper in the first place – and the only way to truly understand what you’re talking about (it is very easy to tell when people don’t) is to have previous experience or an explanation quality training. Without knowing the terminology and standard industry policies it is hard (as it should be) to find customers who trust you enough to give you their time of day. 


Unlimited Use License

FOR NOW! Any courses that you purchase from us are licensed to your entire company, for no extra cost! Train multiple employees and agents as a broker.



Good freight brokers are dedicated. You don’t need to be a genius. But you need to make it on your own. I’m just going to give you a fair chance at it. When considering who to hire for a Supply Chain Management position, the employer almost always require previous experience because even they know there is a lot to know. But what if you don’t have experience and still want to give the job a shot? How do you get that initial experience if no one will hire you? Professional training is a solution to this paradox.

We provide step-by-step assistance for becoming a successful Freight Broker or an elite Freight Agent. Develop good habits early in your career so that you have the skills  to be self-sufficient!


Curriculum Development

  1. First we compiled a list of personal experiences and lessons that some of us learned the hard way, the things that we wish someone would have told us when we started. The lessons that we share are based on real experiences as a motor carrier and licensed broker.
  2. Second, we listed the fundamental concepts that every good freight broker and agent must understand in order to provide a quality service and solve real life problems for other companies (for profit). It is essential to fully understand simple things such as reading rate confirmations, general insurance requirements, DOT legal regulations, and how to determine shipping rates for different lanes. The initial list of topics was 18 pages long.
  3. Third, we included a list of best practices to ensure the longevity of our student’s success. Mismanaging a Freight Brokerage can be extremely costly and detrimental to your business. So in addition to our list of best practices we acknowledged everything that must be understood in order to avoid going out of business (a list of Bad Practices).
  4. Fourth, we organized a step by step guide to lead Freight Broker Training students through the legal process of becoming a licensed Freight Broker. We continued to discuss the knowledge and skills required for running a profitable business independently on a day-to-day basis. We cover absolutely everything we think our students need to understand.
  5. Finally, we compared our Freight Broker Training to other training programs. We added the features and content that other schools have in the most expensive version of their training program to our standard course. The development of our Online Training Portal helps us reduce overhead and allows us to compete with our competitor’s premium results at bare bones prices. Our students also have unlimited lifetime access to their training.

The development of our courses is a never ending process. Whenever a student asks a good question we go update our courses with the requested information. Our courses are constantly improving for no additional cost to you.


Develop functional knowledge into expertise with comprehensive training.  Freight Broker practices and common/standard industry “know-how” broken down for a beginner. As well as to provide value to a seasoned expert.

Hunting for Freight

Information & Strategies to be used ONLY once you are legally authorized to broker freight!!! Learn where to find +1,000,000 direct shipper leads, easily. Pick the ones you want to call, pick up the phone and introduce yourself. Maybe they have freight moving, maybe they don’t work with brokers. If you are naturally skilled at, or comfortable with having conversations like that, you may enjoy the challenges faced cold calling businesses in a career as a freight broker. Known to under promise and over deliver. Thanks to the internet, finding customers with freight  has never been easier, as long as you know where to look and are willing to put in the effort!  The industry trade tips included don’t work unless you do.


Good business practices include the responsibility of your word being your bond. It is wise to value integrity and maintain good relationships as a broker instead of being CLEVER, many brokers get a bad rap for the “cleverness” of other brokers. Learn how Brokers and Agents ethically make a living helping direct shippers. A vital secret to success is developing and nurturing trust.


Less is more.

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