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Freight Broker Forms

If you want to give $10,000 to us, maybe as a thanks for helping with your career, thank you. We wouldn’t do this if we didn’t think you could make $100,000 with our training. But this page primarily exists to share with you a list of the Contracts and Forms that accompany the Freight Broker Training.


Documents included in the Freight Broker Training Course (which is included in the premium package), so you do not have to download these separately if you buy a course!. Directions and a description are available for each form. Your paperwork MUST be correct in this business!

Documents included:
  1. Bill of Lading
  2. Broker Carrier Agreement
  3. Broker Shipper Agreement
  4. Co-Broker Agreement
  5. Carrier Profile
  6. Carrier Rate Confirmation
  7. Credit Application
  8. Credit Card Authorization
  9. Dispatcher-Carrier Agreement
  10. Rate Confirmation Addendum
  11. Shipper Load Sheet
  12. Shipper Past Due Letter
  13. Fuel Surcharge FSC Rate Sheet