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premium freight brokerage training package

Includes every course.

With this set of courses you, the broker, learn how to start and operate your very own freight brokerage. All of the Contracts and Forms that you need to get up and running are included in the Head Freight Broker Training segment. Once you have established your business you can use the Agent Training for your new agents. You and your agents also receive sales training specifically designed to help Brokers learn how to successfully close with shippers and carriers. If you decide to become asset based (meaning you own trucks too), you can use the Basic Logistics Training course that is included for training new dispatchers! The greatest benefit of this package of courses is that brokers don’t have to worry about training new employees “on the job” (from dawn to dusk every day) where mistakes that cost you headaches, time, and money often are made due to lack of knowledge from inexperience. Save 3-6 months in training time for each agent with this package. We take great pride in the agents that we have trained! They finish their training with a clear understanding of supply chain management and the transportation industry. They are ready to start making money right out of the gate.

Premium Freight Brokerage Training Package Breakdown

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Freight Broker Training: INCLUDED
Freight Agent Training: INCLUDED
Sales Techniques and Strategies: INCLUDED (We recommend that the Broker(s) complete this segment too)
Dispatch Training: INCLUDED