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Freight Broker & Freight Agent SALES Training


Useful for Freight Brokers, Freight Agents, Dispatchers, and even Owner Operators! Tips for communicating effectively and clearly. Useful for building long term business relationships with people you probably will never end up meeting in person.

Some Transportation managers and companies pay better freight rates than others, this may be for a number of reasons, The operating traffic manager may not know anything about how much to pay (a lot don’t, some people think that they can get a dummy to be a traffic manager), or the owner of the business is handling all of their own freight and is just happy to have found a secured truck for their load. Learn how to use a number of industrial search engines and hone your professional ability until you are able to consistently offer your expertise throughout the transportation industry.

Sales training specifically designed for today’s freight brokerage. Students practice the most effective strategies for approaching direct shippers and successfully closing, whether they are setting up a new customer or taking a load. Students hone their negotiation skills to gain more leverage with carriers. The success of any network is a result of how much other businesses trusts you, the broker business is entirely relationship driven. Learn how to nurture key relationships over the phone and how to determine which relationships are worth nurturing. Students learn how to expand the types of services they offer and positioning themselves as a company that carriers rely on to stay loaded. A video guide for overcoming any cold calling anxiety is also included! Not designed as an introductory course, experience is recommended.

Welcome to 2016, where e-learning is available to all of us.

Time: More than 2 hours of video content

Table of Contents

Closing Deals

  • Technical Attributes of Closing
  • Developing Relationships OVER THE PHONE!
  • + part of this course is currently being re-done at this time * update will be completed shortly! 🙂

Expanding Your Market Share

  • Specialized Equipment
  • Guide to Accessing and Handling Hazardous Material
  • LTL
  • Seasonal Commodities – Profitable Waves to Ride
  • Military Freight

Partnering With Carriers

  • Owner Operators
  • Dedicated Lanes
  • Circular Lanes
  • Drop Trailers


Guide to nearly Unlimited Freight. Learn how to find more direct shippers

Stopping Back Solicitation

Accessorial Charges (And making the most of them)

Additional Tips for Agents and for Managing Agents