In House Freight Agent Training

Grow your Freight Brokerage

Add more Agents to operate under your authority and/or improve the performance of the Agents working for you now by honing their over the phone sales skills and providing them with more than 1,000,000 direct shipper leads to increase your gross revenue.

Motivate your team to make more money and give them the tools and skills they need to do it.

Hire more Freight Agents

Expand the reach of your freight brokerage by hiring more Freight Agents. You alone can only make so many phone calls in a day. If you have more freight than you can handle by yourself, it is time to start growing your own team of Freight Agents to broker loads under your authority. New agents require individual attention and it can take months to train one on the job. Additionally, when you stop brokering freight to train a new freight agent you potentially lose money by not working 100% of the time and mistakes made by untrained agents can be costly. If you don’t have enough time to train new agents while continuing to broker freight and maintain the administrative side of your brokerage, consider our Freight Agent training course. With our help you can just focus on finding quality candidates who want to make money and we’ll handle the training. Our Freight Agent Training course teaches inexperienced individuals all of the things that they must understand and be responsible for in order to be self-sufficient (knowledgeable of laws, rates, and capable of finding their own customers and trucks), so that you can hire Agents who either work remotely from their own home office or alongside you, in your office.

Help your Freight Agents Make More Money

Help the Agents in your brokerage who aren’t reaching their full potential. Most people become Freight Agents because of the unlimited earning potential, everyone wants to make 6 figures. Give your Agents more direct shippers to call and over the phone sales training so they can actually convert a higher percentage of those leads into customers. Even without adding Agents to your brokerage, you can make more money. Written in 2015 and constantly being updated, our Sales Techniques and Closing Strategies course is specifically designed for modern Freight Brokers and Agents. It’s time to stop thinking you already know everything, there is more money to be made outside of your comfort zone. Get your team up to speed with current best practices and eliminate existing inefficiencies.

Hire Character Train Skill

You focus on finding quality candidates, highly motivated people who take initiative and possess integrity – Then let our team of experienced transportation and logistics professionals teach them the skills and knowledge they need to be successful. Make sure the agents representing your brokerage communicate, behave, react, and solve problems like experts. Experienced supply chain management professionals prefer working with other experienced professionals and it is rather easy to tell when someone doesn’t actually know what they’re talking about. Provide in-house training to develop skills that increase your team’s productivity and improve the quality of their work. Well trained agents are more engaged, possessing higher morale and initiative, which helps retain your employees, customers, and carriers.

With our courses you can:

  • Train all of your Freight Agents
  • Ensure the Agents representing your brokerage are assets and not liabilities
  • Train Agents remotely – online courses make it possible for us to bring expert training directly to your desktop
  • Provide training to new recruits
  • Provide a personalized certificate to your agents who receive >90% on our test
  • Immediately access the training from any computer or mobile device
  • Be confident your agents are following DOT regulations and are lawfully conducting business
  • Go back and review content in the future if you need to be reminded of any specific information
  • Work through the material at your own pace
  • Save time & money


logistics academy freight agent training course

Freight Agent Training

Introductory level course for inexperienced Freight Agents. Give all of your new Freight Agents the time and attention they deserve.

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freight broker sales training strategies and techniques

Freight Broker/Agent Sales Training Course

Learn how and where to find more freight. Increase your lead conversion rate and get set up with more of the shippers you call. Become fearless on the phone, get over cold calling anxiety and equip yourself for common sales objections. Learn about different types of equipment so you can provide more services to shippers in different niche markets.

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