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Freight Broker Training


Become a Freight Broker. Obtain your operating authority and learn how to manage the daily tasks of a profitable brokerage. Includes Contracts & Forms. Find direct shippers and learn what lanes are worth. Move any truckload, LTL, or intermodal shipment. Hire agents to work on commissions for you and build a successful team!

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Freight Agent Training


Become a Freight Agent. Work for a broker. Learn how to coordinate loads for cross-country transportation while the Broker handles all of the back-end office work. Great Agents tap into their unlimited earning potential by developing a consistent client base.

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Sales Techniques and Strategies


Sales Training designed specifically for Brokerages. Become a financially elite professional in the industry by picking up a few expert habits. Learn how to find more high-paying loads. You have access to more than one million pre-qualified shippers. Learn how to set up more customers and book more loads.

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Basic Logistics Training


Designed to take any new member of the transportation industry from knowing nothing to having a clear understanding of logistics and supply chain management. A great introduction to the industry for inexperienced Dispatchers and Transportation Managers. Learn how to meet strategic logistics, shipping, and distribution needs. Students also learn common industry terminology and legal regulations.

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premium freight brokerage training package

Premium Freight Broker Training Package


Includes access to ALL courses, listed above. Set up your own freight brokerage and grow your business. Includes training for Brokers, new Freight Agents, sales training for experienced Freight Agents, and Dispatchers. Lifetime access to training for you and your employees, not all future purchases will be subject to these awesome terms, unlimited lifetime access available for a limited time.

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Ascend Transportation Management Software training

The only school to include TMS (Transportation Management Software) training! Practice booking and building loads. Easily integrate your contacts. Save Thousands of Dollars!


Receive a Certificate for completing Freight Broker or Freight Agent Training Course, scoring at least 90% on the multiple choice test.  Each user will receive a unique verification code on the certificate so it’s authenticity may be confirmed. 

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It’s okay to ask a lot of questions. Chances are, someone else taking the course is thinking the same thing. We want to answer your questions and implement the knowledge gained into the course materiel to further help other students! 

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